Brew Review: Surly Cynic Ale

15 Feb

Brew: Surly Cynic Ale

Brewed by: Surly Brewing Co. (Minneapolis, MN)

Style: Belgian Style Saison/Pale Ale (6.5% ABV)

Here we go with another yellow bubbly beer that comes from a can, good thing Surly tells us right on the top of that same can that this is “beer for a glass, from a can.”  Right away after pouring this into said glass, I can tell that this is not the yellow/clear piss that Grandpa James drinks and tells me that anything different is a “lady drink.”

The thing that really grabs my attention on this beer is the aroma.  This smells peppery and for some reason I can’t get the idea of a can of corn out of my head.  I think that’s the saison style coming through with the smell of the farm and the fields after a hard days work in the French speaking Belgian countryside.

The flavor is not as intriguing as the aroma but it has its good qualities.  The peppery flavor continues on here and it as easy drinking as it looks.  Good thing it only comes in pint cans because it went down almost too smooth and I found myself wondering how I only had a few sips left after only 10 minutes.  I can see why those farm workers/slaves used it in place of water.

This is a beer that is solid all around, I have not tried many saison style beers but of the few that I have had this ranks as the top.  The aroma can’t be beat and when I run out of water here in the land of the free and home of the brave (St. Paul) and the lakes are all frozen I can easily grab one of these and it works just the same.

Final Grade: B+


One Response to “Brew Review: Surly Cynic Ale”

  1. stpjames February 15, 2011 at 3:13 am #

    Also wanted to let all you know that I will be at Stub & Herb’s, 227 Oak Street, Minneapolis at the U of M on Thursday Feb. 17th for a line up of Surly beers that looks like this:
    Tea-Bagged Furious Firkin – $2.50 pints, pentagram, moe’s bender, darkness 2010

    The second I get off work at 6pm I am speeding as fast as a 98 Toyota can to that address to get as much Darkness as the bartender will let me before I pass/get kicked out.

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