Brew Review: Rush River Double Bubble

20 Feb

Brew: Double Bubble

Brewed by: Rush River Brewing Co. (River Falls, WI)

Style: Imperial India Pale Ale (9.0% ABV)

I can say that overall this was an Imp IPA that did not bide by the usual rules of the style.  This beer pours out a little cloudy, not something I was used to, looked more like a summer hefe or something.  It didn’t have that knock you on your ass hop smell that blasts out of the bottle right when you open it and it sat in the glass sort of biding its time waiting for you to take the first sip.

I should mention here that it says it is brewed with honey, actually the whole ingredient list is “water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast and honey.”  How is it that something so good (beer) is so simple?  Back to the honey, I think that because of this added ingredient the overall assault of the senses that an Imp IPA usually rages out with is dimmed in this brew.  It is a silent killer at 9% but it doesn’t drink like something that heavy, more like that summer hefe I mentioned before.

The taste just wasn’t something that made me want to get a whole case of it.  Unique, but I am partial to the hop-bombs that are par for the course in an IPA, especially an Imperial one at that.

This might be a beer that will take a couple tries to really appreciate it to its fullest.  Its not something that tastes terrible, but it is something that I was not expecting at all and therefore I need to be ready for it next time.

Final Grade:  C+


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