Brew Review: Odell Red Ale

25 Mar

Brew: Red Ale

Brewery: Odell Brewing Co. (Fort Collins, CO)

Style: American-Syle Red Ale (6.5% ABV)

Another red ale for the books, but this one seems unique before even opening it up.  This is a seasonal for Odell, says it right on the cap.  The label compares this beer to the Rocky Mountain goat. The Rocky Mountain goat is different from all other goats and as this red ale is different from all other American red ales out there, which is a metaphor I go along with.

I poured it out and it looked pretty normal for a red ale: a darker, reddish nectar of the gods that I couldn’t wait to try.  The first thing I noticed about the Red Ale was how fruity it was.  You could say that the mountain goat was a bit fruitier than its pastoral ancestor, but that might be taking the metaphor a little far.  This ale is definitely unique for the style since it really brings forward the fruity flavors and aromas of the hops where usually in American reds you get a malty presence long before the hops kick in.

In no way is this fruitiness a turn off.  It is a refreshing take on a style that some might shy away from on a warmer day.  This is a beer I can see myself taking down to the dock in the summer and enjoying in the sun.  Its got the backbone of the classic red ale to keep you warm long after the sun goes down, but its lighter, more refreshing, side is something that you can enjoy during the time when the shadows are the smallest.  Overall, Odell’s Red Ale is a fresh new look at a classic American brew.

Final Grade: B

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