Brew Review: Magic Hat #9

6 Apr


Brewed by: Magic Hat Brewing Co. (South Burlington, VT)

Style: ‘Not Quite Pale Ale’ (5.1% ABV)


#9 was recommended to me by another average bro, Cliff, who thinks this brew might just be the bee’s knees.  After tryin’ her for myself, I think he better stick to his guns and make this blog look the best it can.  Why don’t ya leave the brew reviews to someone who might know what he’s talking about, Cliff, eh?  If you like a beer that tastes like a mountain of candy was melted and shoved into a bottle, then you’ve got yourself a winner here.

Fruity, that’s the best word to describe this brew.  It smells like a flower store; roses and whatever else they sell when Valentine’s Day rolls around.  Not the same roses that Outkast tells us about in their profound lyrics, but the actual ones.  The scent is pleasant, but that’s the only real positive of this brew.  Past the blast of flowers and fruit that hit your nostrils as you lift #9, this brew becomes something that a 7th grader would die for.

This brew reminds me of drinking liquid lollipops.  The result of its excess malting sugars is overpoweringly sweet.  That being said, it wasn’t enough for me to stop drinking it. I have never run into a beer that I won’t finish.

It’s a great looking beer, a nice amber color and the smell of it can remind any of you ladies out there of your favorite anniversary present from your favorite man.  However, the overpowering sweetness of the beer turns me off faster than the thought of Valentine’s Day itself.  Sorry, Cliff.



Final Grade:  C


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