Brew Review: Red’s Rye P.A.

24 Apr

Brew: Red’s Rye P.A.

Brewed by: Founder’s Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI)

Style: Rye Beer (6.6% ABV)

The name of this brew confused me from the get go. I get that it’s supposed to be an IPA, or a Rye-PA (good joke) but it doesnt seem like an IPA to me at all.  It says its “hopped-up” and “brewed with rye,” making it something like a red ale that has extra hops and rye.  I might be making too big a deal about something I hadn’t even tried yet so I think I will just stick to drinking it and enjoying the goodness that has made Founders one of the premier breweries in the U.S. these days.

It comes out a nice crimson so I will go with this brew being a hoppy reddish rye ale, forget the IPA.  There isn’t much of an aroma that I can come up with for this brew.  There is a little maltiness, but not much in terms of hoppy smells emanating from this supposed “hopped-up” beer.  This is what I would consider to be the only part of the beer holding it back from being an A student.

I don’t know why I’ve only talked about what was confusing and not good about this one so don’t think that its sub-par.  The taste is where this brew jumps back into podium contention.  This is a maltier version of Cane and Ebel which was a definite hoppy red ale.  Red’s Rye has a hoppy presence, but the rye is really what shines in the flavor of the beer.  It has a hoppy note but the sweetness of the rye and malts are the highlights.

I really enjoyed the brew since it seems that the trend is that people are going for hop-bombs in any style that will assault the taste buds with hoppy-bitterness. Founders has reversed that and I think tried to explore the other, somewhat forgotten in this past couple years, side of brewing, the malts and grains that make up the body of a beer.

This brew is a little heavier than an IPA, but its has the right blend of hops and malts to create a good balance on the maltier side.  This brew is more complex than a hop-bomb, which only drowns your mouth with hops, and draws you into the sweet nectars of the other side of beer.

Final Grade: B+


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