Brew Review: Victory Yakima Glory

27 Apr

Brew: Yakima Glory

Brewed by: Victory Brewing Co. (Downingtown, PA)

Style: American Black Ale (8.7% ABV)

The name on this badboy, Yakima Glory, suggested I was in for a hop bomb that would focus on the grandeurs of the Yakima hop.  Well, I should have read the label or done my homework before I poured it out.  Turns out this is not a lighter-colored IPA or hoppy ale, in fact it’s a black ale that likes to focus on the Yakima hops and the dark rich malts that the brewers decided to pit against each other in this battle between bitter and sweet.

After the initial shock of pouring this out and getting something that was about 5 times darker than I was expecting, I took a quasi liking to this brew.  It has a deep red hue that blends with a dark swampy brown.

A very malty, syrupy aroma met my nostrils as I soaked in the Glory.  There were a few hop smells buried deep in the nose, but it took a lot of big hefty snorts to find those.

The flavor of the brew was very intriguing, I was looking for something that highlighted the Yakima’s (hence the name) but it was more a battle that the malts seemed to win more often than not.  There was definitely a hoppy presence, but I was hoping for more.  And when the hops did shine through it was a bitter affair.  Maybe I have been spoiled by Surly and their sweet floral hop creations because this one didn’t meet what I was wanting.  I should have let the beer decide what it wanted to give me but I wanted more hops.

Overall a great looking beer that was a sweet pleasure, but with a name that features a hop variety it leaves the drinker wanting more of a prominent role for the supposed main character.

Final Grade: B-


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