Brew Review: Barrel Aged Brrrbon (Limited Release #3, fall 2010)

4 May

Brew: Barrel Aged Brrrbon

Brewed by: Widmer Brothers (Portland OR)

Style: ‘Winter Warmer’ Widmer limited release #3 in Fall of 2010 (9.4%ABV)

I’ve had this one in the basement for quite a while, it took a fair amount of self control to keep it around for so long.  Finally decided to bring it out to share it with a special Texan back in the frozen tundra for a week.

Pretty excited about this as most of the brews I have tried that have been aged in bourbon barrels have been stouts or porters, this one was different as it was a winter seasonal ale, so not as heavy or weighty as say a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.

It came out of the bomber a clear amber/red color.  Much lighter than I was expecting, having never tried the original winter seasonal from Widmer.  The aroma was great, a definite oaky, bourbon presence with a hint of fruity hops.  Smelled like something that would slide down the gullet with ease.

The taste was everything I wanted and more; it had a warming bourbon presence throughout with more hints of darker fruits.  In no way was the bourbon overpowering or the only act in the performance.  It was a very complex brew that could be appreciated by both beer lovers and a bourbon enthusiast.  The Widmer’s got the blend between the two just right, the period of 4 months that the brew aged in the barrels seems to have been just the perfect amount.

There was a slightly bitter finish but it was balanced from beginning to end.  This brew is a bitter sweet affair as it makes you want to sip it for a long while to enjoy it all but then when its gone you feel a tinge of sadness that you’ve had your last drop.  The fact that this was a limited release and is never going to be brewed again is really where the drinker feels that bitter sweet feeling wash over themselves as they will probably never get to experience it again.

Overall, a great brew, the brewers really took the time to get this one right and they hit it out of the park.

Final Grade: A-


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