Brew Review: Brooklyn Brown Ale

4 May

Brew: Brooklyn Brown Ale

Brewed by: Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, New York)

Style: Brown Ale (5.6% ABV)

Ahh the brown ale, the style that got me started on tasty beers back with the tried and true Newcastle Brown Ale.  This brew claimed to be “richer and hoppier” than its English forebears for the style, so I was hoping for a bolder taste that would leave a mark on my taste buds.

The look of the beer was a good one, I love the way a solid brown ale looks, dark rich amber (or mahogany as the label tells me) reddish brown ambrosia.  It was a darker richer color than a Newcastle but not something like a porter which is hard to see through, this one was a little transparent.

It smelled the way a brown ale should: nutty, roasted malts took over my senses with a little chocolate mixed in there.  Reminded me of the first time I smelled a Moose Drool back in the later teen years, wonderful.

The aroma was a perfect gateway into the flavor of the brew.  This is a solid brown ale, a big chewy brew with lots of roasted malts, and a little chocolate in the blend.  It was a big bodied ale, one that would put some meat on your bones and maybe a little hair on your chest.  A perfect beer for a colder tailgating session or some liquid courage during a football game at college park.

This is overall a traditional American brown ale.  Its got big flavors that will keep your insides warm and your stomach full.  Not a whole lot of surprises, but good nonetheless.

Final Grade: B


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