Brew Review: Never Summer Ale

9 May

Brew: Never Summer Ale

Brewed by: Boulder Beer Company (Boulder CO)

Style: Winter Seasonal/ Strong Ale (5.9% ABV)

A little late for a winter seasonal, I know, but this one has been sitting in the back of the fridge for a while and I finally unearthed it after a weekend full of beers I wouldn’t want to write anything about.

It poured out a nice ruby color, not especially dark but still dark enough for a winter ale that has the chance of warming me up when a fire just won’t do the trick.  The smell is a real treat.  Not many hops to speak of here, only mass amounts of malty sweetness.  I could detect a touch of caramel in there with a brew overloaded with the backbone of any good winter beer.

The taste followed suit with the aroma, big malt presence though the hops showed up a bit more for this part of the experience.  That little hop bite that shows up balances the sweetness of the malts wonderfully, I could have used a little more hops, but I am partial to a nicely hopped brew.  It might have lost some of its hop nature after sitting for a few months so who knows what a fresh one would taste like but I’m not complaining.

This is definitely a beer that will keep you warm, it’ll fill your belly up with sweet sticky malts to keep you in a nice hibernation state through a long and harsh winter.  With a few most roasted malts this brew could easily have been a solid bock beer that would keep monks alive during lent.

A brew that is sweet enough to satisfy an after dinner craving but also well rounded enough to stand alone.I would have preferred a few more hoppy notes but in no way am I bashing this beer.  A solid winter beer that cold Coloradoans can enjoy amidst their 9 ft high snow drifts any winter.

Final Grade: B


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