Brew Review: Don De Dieu

14 May

Brew: Don De Dieu

Brewed by: Unibroue (Quebec, Canada)

Style: Triple Wheat Ale or a Belgian strong pale ale (9.0% ABV)

The first beer I have reviewed from our neighbors to the north (or for all you real patriots, America’s hat) and it did not disappoint.  I found a couple singles of Unibroue at my local liquor store and couldn’t pass them up as I found a cheaper way to try these than buying an $8 or $9 bomber.  I didn’t do much research on this one before I tried it, I just dove right in.

It poured out a hazy yellow, I guess that makes sense as it is a wheat ale, although I have never even heard of a triple wheat ale, but I guess I’ve never heard of a wheat ale showing up at 9% either.  Lots of carbonation as it came out of the bottle which provided a prodigious head which is definitely pleasing in an aesthetic way.  The orange-yellow look of the beer was darker than a regular American wheat, I guess the Canadians prefer a little more substance to their beers regardless of the style.

It smelled yeasty, spicy and a little fruity.  It was a complex smell that I really had to stick my nose in there (watch just the first 20 seconds and you’ll know what I mean).

On the first sip it tasted a little like champagne, you could tell there was some booze backing this one up.  The flavor was full of Belgian yeast spices and a sweet tangy gusto (sorry for a the big words but a big beer needs bigger words) the bubbled down my throat in a smooth, very pleasant way.  Overall, for being such a high-powered beer this went down remarkably smooth.

The smell reminded me a little of Surly Cynic with the yeasts coming through, but this was unlike any beer I have had before (that I can remember- Stubs let’s remember Delerium).  After most of the glass, however it didn’t really change much.  The carbonation settled down and it became a little easier to taste and smell what I had experienced before but nothing new came out to greet me.

An excelled beer, it turned me on to a new style of Belgian that I had never had before.  I don’t think I have found a pale or wheat ale with so much power or sweet flavor as this.  There wasn’t much of a hop bite like an American pale and there wasn’t the typical smooth easy going wheat presence that dominates the wheat genre here in the US of A.  I really like what the French-Canadians have done there in the land of Molson and Labatt.

Final Grade: A-


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