Brew Review: Big Red

19 May

Brew: Big Red

Brewed by: Ram Restaurant and Brewery (United States, various locations)

Style: IPA (6.0% ABV)

I made a trip to Chicago for another brew lovers nuptials, decided I wanted to try and gets some beer not available to me in the beautiful northern Midwest.  The closest brewery/brewpub was the Ram.  So I went over and picked up a couple growlers, apparently it was happy hour because they only cost 6 bucks each (minus the deposit).

The Big Red poured out a nice amber hazy yellowish concoction.  This is pretty much on point for most IPA’s so I figured I was in for a decent IPA with some hoppy tastes and aromas.

In the smell of the brew there weren’t many hops, it was a little disappointing.  The aroma was mostly dominated by the malts and sweetness that come with them.  It wasn’t big or red, I guess they named it after a fat guy whose nickname must have been Red who preferred ordinary craft brews to quench his thirst after a big burger.

There wasn’t much to talk about for this brew, it was a pretty standard IPA, although lacking in the hops department.  The malts were the dominant character in the show and the hops only played a bitter role and a slightly unappealing aftertaste.

Overall, it was worth it to get a growler for 6 bucks, I can’t complain about that, I enjoyed it on a rainy day with a good movie with some good people but the beer itself wasn’t something that I would actively seek out for a second go around.

Final Grade: B-


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