Brew Review: Hop Stoopid

19 May

Brew: Hop Stoopid

Brewed by: Lagunitas Brewing Co. (Petaluma CA)

Style: American Double/ Imperial IPA (8.0% ABV)

I have had this a few times before and have been glad I bought it every time I brought it home.  Lagunitas is a great brewery that has put out some really good brews.  This one is special in that they used some hop-extraction method to make the beer clearer and more hoppy.  Believe me, it worked.

This beer poured out of the 22oz bomber a golden, orange, amber color.  Easily see-through, no hazy components of any kind, it was as clear as a Bud.  The smell could knock you off your feet halfway across the room, it was full of fruity and piney flavors that told you that this was for sure a Double or Imperial ale.  As a normal, non beer drinker (Zach) would say, this smells like soap, I think it smells like a dream.

The flavor was super hoppy.  There were tons of fresh hops flavors, the pine continued and the fresh fruity aromas translated into an excellent taste.  There was a decent bitter bite to it but that could be expected from such a huge hop-bomb.  As one who enjoys a good hoppy beer, I found myself right at home.  The little malt backing that showed up in the flavor provided a nice sweet balance to the tremendous hop influence.  It was a little syrupy feeling as the hoppy oils glided over my tongue and down into the belly.

The booze was hard to detect, though after the whole bottle you could tell there was some punch behind this barrage.

Lagunitas definitely used this extraction method to achieve exactly what they were looking for: a huge hop bomb that dominates the taste buds with hop-awesomeness.  There isn’t much else to say other than hops, hops and more hops.  A great beer that pushes the IBU’s, it does say right on the label “102 I.B.U.4 U.”  For all you hop lovers, this is a beer for you, Lagunitas has made a beer that I will come back to again and again when I have a craving for a huge hoppy beer.

Final Grade: A


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