Brew Review: Hop Devil

27 May

Brew: Hop Devil

Brewed by: Victory Brewing Company (Downingtown PA)

Style: American IPA (6.7% ABV)

The Hop Devil, I don’t think Victory could have come up with a better name for a solid American IPA.  It makes you think of the hoppy brews that have dominated the scene in the past couple years with Stone and Surly being the breweries that seem to push the limits with their brews on the daily.

The Devil poured out of the bottle a deep orange/amber color.  A very pleasing color that reminded me of a fall day.  The aroma is a little malty, it takes somewhat of a backseat to the hops who played a bigger part.  There was a sweetness to the hops, a grassy smell that was a little bitter.  The malts were definitely present but they let the hops take the show as the first act in the aroma.

The taste was more of a malt dominated affair, especially as the beer warmed up.  There was a definite hop bite to the brew that jumped out right away.  They were more bitter when I was hoping for more of a fruity or floral hop arrangement.  The malts did sort of steal the show like I mentioned as the beer warmed, but this was not a bad thing.  The taste was overall very well balanced, nothing really jumped out as a unique flavor.  The finish or aftertaste was a little bitter and that continued on even when the glass was finished.

On a final though this was a solid IPA, nothing really exciting or overpowering but what you would expect from a very well made IPA.  With a name like Hop Devil I was expecting a little more from the hops maybe more of a bite or more of a headliner performance.

Final Grade:  B+


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