Brew Review: Equinoxe du Printemps

2 Jun

Brew: Equinoxe du Printemps (French for ‘spring equinox’)

Brewed by: Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Style: Scotch Ale (9.5% ABV)


Another beer from our neighbors to the north.  I was very excited about this one, I was in my local liquor store and wanted to find a scotch ale that I hadn’t had before and one that would jump out at me.  Well this one jumped out in two ways, first it’s a scotch ale brewed with maple syrup and second the price at about $5 for a single 12oz I was hoping it was worth it.

It poured out a thick amber, brown color, very murky not really clear at all.  Looked a little like syrup, maybe that’s a hint of the maple coming in right away.  There was a little small off white head, I think I was expecting a little more in that department.

It was a large aroma, you could smell this the second the top came off the bottle.  There were tons of sticky caramel and syrupy malts, a little hop breeze if you got in there far enough, but in typical scotch ale fashion, this one predominantly malt based.  There was a little smokiness to the aroma as well that I noticed after the beer had warmed up a little bit.

The taste was big, there was a lot going on.  There was the definite scotch presence in there, the alcohol was very noticeable at 9.5% it would be hard to hide that anywhere.  The alcohol wasn’t a turn off though, it was more of a warming feeling as glided down your gullet.  There was a little bitterness in there, just a tinge, so there were some hops but they were played a very minor role.  This brew was syrupy, sweet, sticky, malty whatever type of word that goes with those you can think of.  The aftertaste definitely has some maple syrup present, which leaves a pleasant feeling in your mouth.

This beer was good, not stellar.  I think maybe if I had a much more refined palate I might be able to get more in depth, but I think this brew has a rich character but there was a lot going on behind the scenes that maybe the average guy wouldn’t get.  If you like big strong beers without much hop presence this is a great choice.  I think for the price, however, this one might not be the first choice there are probably some quite similar beers out there at half the price which I think brings down the grade in the end.


Final Grade: B


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