Brew Review: Curbside Saison

10 Jun

Brew: Curbside Saison

Brewed by: Goose Island Beer Co. (Chicago, IL)

Style: Belgian Saison/ Farmhouse Ale (6.6% ABV)


On my first real experience with the heart of Chicago I decided to find a brewery that has been a staple of micro brewing in the Midwest for a couple decades.  Goose Island Claybourn was the brewpub I decided on as it was close to a couple other places I was exploring.  Went on a solid tour with some good company and had a sample of only a few of their many offerings at the establishment.  I only had 1 piece of paper so I only decided to write down my thoughts on one of the brews I enjoyed the most.

The Curbside came to me from the bar a yellow color with a little white head.  The light golden brew had a great funky Belgian yeasty smell with some fruity hops mixed in there as well.  It also had some hefe notes with some, as the brewer told, banana and clove smells.

The taste was great.  I was thinking it was sort of a Belgian IPA mixed in with a hefewiezen.  There was a definite saison feel to the beer as it was light and something that would be great for a summer/spring day.  The hops were perfectly balanced and took a side role to the Belgian saison farmhouse flavors.  There was a slight bitter finish but it was a crisp one that left you wanting more.

A great brew, very well balanced but also unique in that it was a more powerful saison with deeper richer flavors mixed in there.  I would have tried all the beers there but my wallet was not that of a prominent Chicago lawyer so I had to stop after 4 or so.  On a side note, the tour was great, the person who led it actually tried to get you to pick out particular flavors and coach you on what you should look for but also was open to anything that individuals came up with themselves.  Pretty good food to top it all off.  Had to walk away with a growler to share with my gracious hosts for the weekend, needless to say it’s a place I would love to frequent.


Final Grade: B+


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