Brew Review: La Femme Amere

14 Jun

Brew: La Femme Amere

Brewed by: Tyranena Brewing Company (Lake Mills, WI)

Style: Wisconsin Belgique-Style IPA (??ABV)

I got hand delivered this brew by a great friend, Jacob the Gasoline, a pleasant surprise before a great night.  Tyranena has this series out, brewers gone wild, I have seen the bottles all over the liquor stores.  The label is basically the thing that has turned me off every time.  I know that’s a lame excuse but that’s really the only thing that I can think of as to why I don’t pick some up.  The labels are all the same for each of the series and they are not very appealing in my mind.  So I’m glad Jake brought this one over as I probably wouldn’t have picked it out for myself.

The Femme Amere poured out a solid amber color, rich and deep.  There was a small off white head that disappeared quickly leaving just the light golden/brown nectar.  There wasn’t much to this aroma, it being a Belgian IPA I would have expected more from the yeasts and hops, but it was very small.  The only things I could find was a little yeast and some bready smelling malts.

The taste was definitely better.  I enjoy what American brewers have done with Belgian style IPA’s and pale ales in the last couple years and this one was a solid representation.  The hops were present, the American style showing through, but then the Belgian yeasts took their turn at the podium as well.  The hops were bitter and a little grassy, but a solid combination and balance to the bready malt backbone that was always there.

I would say overall, this wasn’t a stunner.  The brewer probably could have gone a little more wild and creative but it was a solid representation for the style.  The aroma could have been a little more present and that’s why it didn’t get up to a solid B. For a great beer similar to this one, try Harriet Brewing’s West Side Belgian IPA.

Final Grade: B-


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