Brew Review: Scotch Ale

15 Jun

Brew: Scotch Ale

Brewed by: Brau Brothers Brewing Co. (Lucan, MN)

Style: Scotch Ale (7.3% ABV)


Another one of the Brau Brothers staples, actually the one that turned me on to the brewery back in my poor college days (although lets get real, I’m still poor, though not ‘college poor’).  I picked up a 6-pack a couple years ago and liked this beer enough to keep trying their selections and as you can see by the previous posts on this blog I have tried a lot of their wares.

This brew pours out a dark amber color, though quite clear and had a decent off-white head.  The aroma isn’t overpowering, its subtle and there is a lot going on.  Its got some smoky scotch smells wafting up to my nostrils and there is some sweet maltyness going on in there.  It’s a classic smell for a solid scotch ale.

The taste is great.  Same as the aroma, its not overpowering.  Its got the scotch taste as well as the malt presence that holds the beer together.  There is a little hint of smoke in there which comes from the smoked peat that the malts are roasted on.  It’s a great scotch ale taste.  This one neither knocks you off your feet or makes you ask for more.  It hits all the right notes that a scotch ale should hit.  Apparently its award winning and I can see why.  The sweet malts balance the boozy scotch notes just right, which leads to a solid all around beer.

This beer is a perfect representation of a scotch ale, in my eyes anyway.  A thick filling brew for almost all occasions.  Its got the scotch presence but for those who can’t or won’t appreciate a big scotch taste it subtle enough hat its very enjoyable.  For someone who is looking for a scotch ale to begin with that won’t turn you away from the style completely and isn’t too over the top this is perfect.  I can keep coming back to this brew time and time again if I want an easy drinking scotchy taste.  A very solid brew that I would recommend for almost everyone.


Final Grade: B


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