Brew Review: Domaine DuPage

17 Jun

Brew: Domaine DuPage

Brewed by: Two Brother Brewing Co (Warrenvile, IL)

Style: French Style Country Ale (5.9% ABV)


Another offering from Two Brothers Brewing outside of Chicago.  I have had some good experiences with this brewery in the past, see Cane and Ebel, and I was looking forward to this brew.  A French country ale, which means I am in for an easy drinking smooth brew that won’t knock me off my feet.

The DuPage poured out a somewhat hazy amber color.  There was a red hue to the brew which was a very pleasant look.  There was a small head that persisted throughout the glass.  There wasn’t much to speak of in terms of an aroma.  There were some sweet malts that dominated the aroma with a little bit of hops showing up in there.  Not overpowering, but I guess that is probably what the brewers were going for.

The taste was very nice, nothing really complicated or extreme.  The malts continued, they held their presence throughout.  There were some bitter hops that came in through the taste but they were really only there to relieve the sweetness of the malts.  A very caramel-like taste.  The bitter hops worked very well with the sweetness, they cleaned out those sweet malts and enabled the beer to be very easy drinking.

This wasn’t a stellar brew.  It was fairly average.  The bitter hops were a nice touch but they weren’t anything special.  The country style was apparent as this wasn’t a tough beer to drink at all, it was very smooth and went down without a problem.  With that being said, it wasn’t one that I would like to enjoy one right after the other.  It’s a decent beer but not one that deserves much of a second chance in the same sitting.


Final Grade: B-


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