Brew Review: Duvel

17 Jun

Brew: Duvel

Brewed by: Duvel

Style: Belgian Golden Ale (8.5% ABV)


This treat of a beer brings me back to my short time in Europe with some great friends, decided to bring it out for a reunion of sorts with a “malaka” whom I hadn’t seen in a long while.  This is a classic Belgian beer, one of the most famous of Belgians and found all over the world.

The label tells me to pour out “unhurriedly” so I try my best at that, this brew still ends up with a terrific head that settles quickly but a small cap to the beer stays with it for the whole glass.  It was a light yellow, straw color.  It was a little cloudy with lots of carbonation rising to the top.  It is a Belgian ‘gold’ ale after all and the brew had a golden hue.

This is a classic beer.  A true Belgian beauty.  There are sweet aromas coming off this from the moment it came out of the bottle.  There was a definite Belgian yeast smell and taste throughout the whole process.

Upon hitting my lips this beer felt like a glass of champagne, it was bubbly, light, crisp and very refreshing.  Apples was a big flavor in the beer, there was also the light pilsner feel from the malts but that was complemented by the hops and yeast.  This is truly a tradition unlike any other, the Moortgat family has worked since 1871 to perfect this beer and their craftsmanship and brewing prowess shines through in this beer.

For those haven’t had it, you have to.  For those who have, like me, it’s a great beer to come back to and remind yourself what a beer tastes like that has stood the test of time.  This is truly a classic brew that any beer drinker should experience at least once.


Final Grade: A


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