Brew Review: Cowboy Coffee Porter

21 Jun

Brew: Cowboy Coffee Porter

Brewed by: Big Sky Brewing Co. (Missoula, MT)

Style: Porter (6.2% ABV)


This brew has been sitting in my fridge for a long time. Not on purpose, no cellaring of this one was on my mind when I stuck it in there. I got it during the colder months and now that summer has rolled around I’ve been sticking with the lighter brews that keep me refreshed when the mercury is boiling. Well I finally decided I needed a little more room in my fridge so I broke this one out on a night that probably could have been a little cooler for this particular type.

It is a great looking beer, it poured out a deep dark rich black with some reddish brown around the edges. There was a nice big tan head that stuck around for the entire brew and left some good lacing down the side of the glass. Coffee was the main payer in the aroma, it dominated the scene. It was a little sweet as there was a lot of malts there to counteract the coffee.

The actual beer was pretty much in step with the aroma. There was a lot of coffee presence and that pretty much dominated the beer from start to finish. The coffee wasn’t a deep rich coffee though and I think that’s where Big Sky got their particular name for this one from. It was sort of a bare bones coffee, kind of like something you could expect to drink after waking up from a cold night in the high desert. Something that will wake you up, with you not really caring how it tastes. A ‘roughing it’ sort of feel.

Overall, it was a solid beer, a big coffee presence, for those who like coffee here is a good one to try. For those who dont, its a robust beer that will stick to your ribs like a good porter should. A little hollow in the taste and dominated by the coffee this beer is somewhat 1 dimensional.


Final Grade: B-



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