Brew Review: Boddington’s Pub Ale

22 Jun

Brew: Boddington’s Pub Ale

Brewed by: Boddington’s (Manchester, England)

Style: English Pale Ale (4.7% ABV)


Found this beast on a memorial day sale so I decided I couldn’t pass it up. I have had it on tap one time, although that memory is a little hazy at this point. This brew is a little unique in that it came in one of those pint cans with the nitro thing or whatever it is in there to make it extra creamy and smooth. They called it the ‘draughtflow system.’

So I cracked it open with a pretty sweet baseball game on TV and poured it into a waiting pint glass. The draughtflow thing made it super creamy and produced a nice solid head that was at least half an inch and lasted the whole session. The color was a pale golden color, a faint amber with a little red. The aroma of the brew is a little hard to detect, I think this is meant to be more of a session ale that you enjoy with friends at the local watering hole. So the beer itself doesn’t need to be the focus, it may create the atmosphere but it isn’t what keeps people drinking, the company is. There was a little maltiness to the smell with a tinge of grassy hops, not a whole lot else.

The taste was pretty much a continuation of the smell. The sweet malts are present but not pronounced in any way. There are a couple of hop notes in there but they are basically there to counteract the malts. The great part about the beer is the overall creamy feeling you get from that draughtflow. It pours out smooth and its drinks just as smooth.

For the most part this is a fairly unimpressive beer. Like I said before its more about the company your with than the beer itself and when looking at it that way it is a great pub/session beer. It knows its limits and it maximizes itself within them. The ‘feel’ of the beer is by far the best part.

Smoothness is the best part


Final grade: B-


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