Brew Review: Matacabras

7 Jul

Brew: Matacabras

Brewed by: Dave’s Brew Farm (Wilson, WI)

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale (8.0% ABV)

This was one I picked out randomly, I have never heard of Dave’s Brew Farm over there in WI, even though I am really only about 30-45 mins away from the border. There is a nice little goat on there. Matacabaras is described as “Spain’s famed ‘goat-killing’ northerly wind.” Which as I think about really has no bearing on the flavor or style of the beer at all, maybe the high ABV kills goats as well? Either way, its also described as ‘a curious ale’ right on the front, so that made me a little curious.

It poured out a deep amber color. A good looking reddish tint of a dark ale. It was a little murky which I guess leads to the curiosity of the ale as you cant really see whats in there lurking in the depths. The smell is full of malty sweetness. The label tells me that the beer is brewed with rye and that definitely shows up. There is a little bitter/spicy hop presence that tones down the malts just enough to make this smell a nice complex and interesting one.

The taste is somewhat similar to the Trois Pistoles, its a thick brew, on the chewy side. You can taste the booze in there a little bit right up front but that dies down a little once it gets down into your belly. There are some Belgian yeasts in there that give it a unique character. This beer feels a lot heavier than it is. It does have a high ABV at 8% but I think the low carbonation makes it seem heavier than it is there are no bubbles in there to liven the brew up. Its not flat by any means its just not a very carbonated beer. Its not terribly unique, its a strong Belgian ale, all the right characteristics of the style are present, the added rye gives it a little kick which is nice, but doesn’t push it into the realm of a really must try beer.

Overall, its a solid brew, especially considering I had never heard of the brewery before this. They made a good impression and I will probably look for a couple others by Dave and his brew farm in the future. Dont worry no goats were harmed in the making of the beer.

Final Grade: B+

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