Brew Review: Brew Free or Die

1 Aug

Brew: Brew Free or Die

Brewed by: 21st Amendment Brewery (San Francisco, CA)

Style: IPA (7.0 % ABV)


Beer from a can, usually means it is to consumed in mass quantities and not enjoyed for any of the taste. There are more and more craft breweries that taking the can and putting their tasty brews in them. Some prefer bottles, I don’t care for discrimination so I picked up this brew really because I know it is brewed in Cold Spring MN and I support all things ‘Sota.

It poured out of its nicely designed can a light straw color, very crisp and typical for an IPA. There was a surprising thick rich head off the first pour. To preface the rest of this review, it says right on the can that this is an IPA with ‘a solid malt backbone.’ So that comes into play both with the aroma and the taste.

The malts showed up for sure in the aroma of the beer. There were bitter, citrus and grassy hops in there as well. It says it has a malt backbone, which is very evident but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any hops in there, this brew pushes 70 IBU’s and true to IPA style, the hops are a big part of the brew.

The taste follows suit with the aroma nicely. There are hops present, those bitter one show up right away and the citrus/grassy ones seem to take a backseat to the bitterness on the hop side. There were definitely a lot of malts to counteract the bitterness which created an evenly balanced brew. I was expecting more of a hop bomb seeing as how this brew came from the West Coast and the expectation is big hoppy beers from over there.

This was a hoppy brew, just not as hop packed as some might expect. The malts were a definite part of the beer, the backbone really shows for this one. There really isn’t anything that jumps out at me from this one, nothing really sets it apart. A solid IPA, but nothing extra special.


Final Grade: B-


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