Brew Review: Avalanche Amber

3 Aug

Brew: Avalanche Ale

Brewed by: Breckenridge Brewery (Denver, CO)

Style: Amber Ale (4.4% ABV)


A classic in the craft beer world, this brew has been around for almost 30 years, dating back to the 1980’s. I originally had this as a part of a mix ‘n match back in college and enjoyed it immensely then, lets just say my tastes have grown up with the rest of me.

This brew poured out a hazy red/amber color. It was a little lighter than I was hoping/expecting, I wanted more of a dark amber that had lots of roasted grains in there. I have to remember though that this is a beer that has been around for a long time and when it came out was probably quite dark compared to almost anything on the shelves.

The aroma was mainly malts, there was a definite caramel presence in there. Not much by way of hops that I could pick out. Maybe a little bittering in there to provide a slight balance but not much.

The taste followed the aroma however the hops were a little more noticeable in this part. The caramel of the malts was still the main player with some grassy/lemony hops showing up for a second. It also left a slight bitter taste in the mouth so we know there are some hops in this recipe.

This is a classic on the Amber style. It is mass produced at this time so if Breckenridge wanted they could probably create a smaller batch version and really mix it up with this base. The mass quantities make it an unimpressive ale. I kept getting the same flavors as that of my recent homebrew experiment with a red ale. Either I did something much better than I thought or Breckenridge really didn’t come through on this one. For the most part this is a refreshing brew, though not dark enough, that goes down smooth and I wouldn’t pass it up if I were at a bar.


Overall grade: C+


2 Responses to “Brew Review: Avalanche Amber”


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