Brew Review: Totally Naked

19 Aug

Brew: Totally Naked

Brewed by: New Glarus Brewing Co. (New Glarus, WI)

Style: American Pale Lager (4.25% ABV)

My 2nd sampling from across the St. Croix. Totally Naked is actually the first lager style beer that I have reviewed on here, good thing this is a lager that tries to keep it as basic as possible. This beer has been stripped of all frills and oddities and keeps it as naked as possible. Technically an ‘American pale lager’ though I couldn’t tell the difference between any lager bier at this point since I am so unversed in the style. I’d say this is a good one to test my training wheels on.

It pours out like any mass produced lager in the world today, light clear golden color. Somewhat straw-like, yellow. The aroma is not mass produced, however it is very subtle. There isn’t a ton jumping out at me on the first sniff. There is the basic bready lager smell and deep down in it there are some grassy floral hops just barely there.

The flavor follow suit. The classic lager beer taste, bread, pale malts, and quite easy drinking. Those faint hops show up a little more, however in the taste. They come through with some sweetness and keep the body of the beer lighter and bouncy.

Overall, this is a very light drinking beer, great for a BBQ or a hot day outside. New Glarus has actually stripped down beer to its basics and created a very solid, albeit, naked beer. As I have said, I don’t know much about lager,s but this one doesn’t get that skunky smell or taste after it gets a little warmer like most mass produced beers, I think the fact that there are some hops (which have preservative qualities) present keeps the beer from souring so fast. It’s a smooth with a touch of sweet beer from start to finish, a very pleasant beer to drink.

Overall grade: B+


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