Brew Review: Leffe Blonde

8 Sep

Brew: Leffe Blonde

Brewed by: Abbaye De Leffe S.A. (Dinant, Belgium)

Style: Belgian Blonde Ale (6.6% ABV)


A classic, the flagship of the Abbaye De Leffe brewery. This Belgian blonde is available throughout the world and anybody who is going to start tasting Belgian brews should have this at least once. I tried this one for the first time when I was actually in Belgium, don’t think I appreciated it as much as I should have when I was there. But lucky for me I get a second chance (and many more if I wanted to go spend the cash).

It poured out a clear golden yellow. A lot clearer than I remembered/expected, I was looking for something a little more hazy and full of yeasty sediment, but there was none to be found. Even without the haze and yeast this beer still rocked the aroma. This is a classic Belgian smell if I ever smelled one. It brought me right back to the center of Brussels and tasting some of the best beers in the world. There were yeasty funky Belgian smells, the classic bananas and cloves, some peppery spices as well. There was a ton going on in the nose. I even picked up a little bit of apple, which reminded me of Duvel, another Belgian classic.

The taste was light, and bubbly. There was a decent head on the brew which shows this beer has good carbonation in it. It felt like the quintessential Belgian blonde/pale ale. However it was a little heavier than the color would suggest, it tasted like there should have been more by the way of haze and opaqueness. The typical Belgian tastes jumped out at me right away as well. There were bananas, yeasts, some spices and sweet floral malts that all came together. There was no bitterness to the beer at all, nothing off-putting either.

This was a solid all-around beer. A classic of the Belgian blonde/pale genre. It has been perfected over a long time and the brewers have blended the yeasts and sweet grains to perfection. A classic benchmark that any other brewer has to achieve when brewing Belgians.


Final Grade: B+



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