Brew Review: Wild Brunette

12 Sep

Brew: Wild Brunette

Brewed by: Barley John’s Brewpub (New Brighton, MN)

Style: Wild Rice Brown Ale (7.2% ABV)

Thank you Google maps for helping me out on finding this one. Typed in ‘brew’ in there and this place popped up. I had no idea it was 15 minutes away from me until about a month ago and I finally took a trip up there with a special lady. Tried a few of their brews so you’ll see a couple more from there on here in the near future.

On to the Wild Rice Brown Ale, don’t think I have ever seen a beer made with Wild Rice. When I looked at their website this was the one I wanted to try the most since it had that rice in there. It came out to me in an imperial pint glass (one of a few really good parts about this place: big beers) and it was much darker than I was expecting. It was a rich brown/black color, something you would probably see with a porter and not a brown ale. There was a little red in there as well. There was a solid half inch cream colored head that lingered around for most of the beer.

Needless to say I was excited to try this one after I saw it. There were lots of roasted malts when I smelled it. It smelled like a porter would, lots of heavy roasted aromas and sweet stick malts in there. I also picked up a dark fruity smell as well.

Now on to the tasting, it was a creamy drinking beer. I don’t think it was from a cask but it sort of felt that way. The taste was complex but worth the drive. There were the expected roasted flavors, some coffee chocolate in there. But the thing that was most unique was that there were tangy tart fruit flavors as well. It really changed the game with those flavors. There was also a little wisp of hops in there as well, just enough to complement and stay in the background.

This is not a normal brown ale, its darker, roastier, fruitier, tangy, lots of words that you would describe a porter with. However it didn’t drink like a porter, it wasn’t super thick, and it had that creamy refreshing brown ale presence as well. I guess this would probably be the most like a ‘light’ porter if you could label a beer like that. Either way, it was great. Totally new spin on one of the classic styles of beer. Not difficult to drink in any way and overall a complex and rewarding beer. I would defnitely go back just for this one.

Final Grade: A


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