Brew Review: Staghorn Oktoberfest

13 Sep

Brew: Staghorn Oktoberfest

Brewed by: New Glarus BrewingCo. (New Glarus, WI)

Style: Marzen/Oktoberfest (6.25% ABV)


It’s September now and the oktoberfest and marzen style beers come out to play. It’s a great time in a traditional beer sense. The festivals that marked the harvest were times to bring out the last batch of beer brewed before the weather got to hot to brew during the summer months. The weather turns a little cooler and these beers will warm you up with their malt profiles and stick to your ribs as you gear up for another cold winter.

Another offering from New Glarus, this one is highly rated and I was excited to try it. The only error I might have made was when I decided to pull it out of the fridge it had turned into a pretty nice summer day which meant I didn’t need a heavier beer of this type but I still enjoyed it anyway.

The Stag poured out a darker orange/brown color with a little hazy bit of yellow shining through. Sort of a see-through caramel color. There was a fair amount of head to it, I believe their website tells you to pour so a big head comes up so the smell really wafts out at you.

The smells coming off of this beer were very traditional oktoberfest ones. Lots of bready malts and that sweet lager/malt smell as well. There was a touch of spicy hops that rounded it out.

The sweet malts again showed up in the taste, this is as solid an oktoberfest as you can come by. The sweet malts give this one a heavier drinking feel. Something that will keep you warm while football is on and the grill is ready with some nice German food. The thing that I really enjoyed was how creamy this beer was, that was an added bonus.

The malts end up dominating this beer in typical oktoberfest fashion, however I was expecting more a sweeter finish. This one just sort of ended with the lager taste lingering which wasn’t the best. The alcohol is hidden well and this beer is probably a Wisconsinites favorite during the autumn weekends.


Final Grade: B


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