Brew Review: Old 8 Porter

19 Sep

Brew: Old 8 Porter

Brewed by: Barley John’s Brewpub (New Brighton, MN)

Style: Porter (8.0% ABV)


Like I mentioned in the Wild Brunette entry there were more to come from Barley John’s brewpub. No point in beating around the bush, might as well just jump right in.

This porter came to me a deep dark rich black. There was a thick rich looking tan head. Probably some of the darkest foam I have seen in a long time. The look alone was enough to make me want to drink this beer. If a porter was supposed to look a certain way, I think Barley John’s got it right. Thick rich and with a nick rich dark foam top.

The aroma was also what you would expect from a big and rich porter. There were tons of big roasty smells. Chocolate, coffee, roasted grains, and even some some fruits deep down in there. The smells alone from this brew could fill you up with how rich it is.

Tasting this beer was like putting together the smell and the look of it and taking it up a notch. It was full of rich roasty flavors. All these malts and roasted grains turned into coffee and chocolate hints that were thickly swirled in the chewy big bodied brew. There was a little warming finish because of the alcohol but in no way was it unpleasant.

This was a creamy big bodied brew that took a while to finish, not one you would want to drink fast as it stands at 8% but as it sits and warms more of the chocolate and fruit flavors arise. This was a great porter, it had the big body you would expect, it was creamy and a great looking beer with a great head that left some awesome lacing on the side of the glass all the way down.


Final Grade: A-


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