Brew Review: Dark Knight

23 Sep

Brew: Dark Knight

Brewed by: Barley John’s Brewpub (New Brighton, MN)

Style: Porter (TBD ABV%)


I think this is the brew that Barley John’s is most proud of. I think they are trying to tout it like Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout or Surly’s Darkness. That signature beer that is only available every once in a while during the year which makes it highly sought after. Needless to say I was pretty excited when the nice girl I was with decided that she would have another beer so I could have another as well.

Oh boy lets just say that moment I saw this one I knew it was going to be one of those ones that you have to sit for at least 20-30 minutes to really enjoy and appreciate (also the fact that this probably has somewhere between 10-17% ABV which also keeps you in your seat for a while too). It came to me in a 10 oz glass that you couldn’t see through, this pitch black brew looked like something you would take out of a witches cauldron. There was a little dark tan head on this as well. The smells coming off of this beer could be detected a mile away. There was a ton of bourbon in this beer, you could pick that up the second the tap was opened on it. For the most part the beer was dominated by alcohol and roasted grains.

The bourbon taste is huge on the first sip. It flows all over the place. The roasted grains continue and there is some chocolate in there as well. There is some warming effects because of the booze. In the end you could really taste the chocolate once the booze had evaporated. The taste was big and huge, there was a lot going on. It was a bit undercabonated though, which sort of let the booze sit on the tongue for a bit longer than needed.

This brew wasn’t as thick and chewy as I would have hoped. It said it was a double fermented porter, I don’t know what that did in the brewing process, I think I will have to read up on double fermentation. I would have probably used a stout for this beer. The porter didn’t hold its ground to the bourbon. The fact that they aged it 12 months might have been a bit much. If this porter would have spent like 4-6 months in the barrels that might have been better. If this was a heavier stout it might have stood up to the 12 months in the barrel. Overall there was too much booze and not enough body in this Knight.


Final Grade: B


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