Brew Review: McChouffe Brown Ale

23 Sep

Brew: Belgian Brown Ale

Brewed by: Brasserie d’achouffe (Achouffe, Belgium)

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale (8.0% ABV)


Oh boy, I splurged on this one here. Went into the store and saw a Belgian brown that looked like a big bad beer with a little gnome/elf guy on the label and thought I had to have it. It sat around awhile in the basement while I tried to decide what the best day was to break this special one out. Finally decided to break this out on a bright Saturday, it felt good to bring it out on a Saturday, it meant it was a special beer for a special day.

This brew poured out a dark murky red/brown. It looked a little like swamp water, but the swamp water that doesn’t have stuff floating in it like twigs or leaves. There was a very small rich light brown head, kind of like a light chocolate mousse.

The smell was less than stellar. There were some watery malts and a faint light hop aroma. Lets just say that with the way this beer looked I was expecting a lot more from the aroma here. Something that you could really get your nose into and find something new and exciting every time you did.

The taste I was hoping could make up for poor showing by the aroma. There were some sweet malts, it started off ok. Little booze, I kind of expected this from how dank the beer looked. The rest however was so light and airy that it never made up for the weak aroma. Thats not to say that it wasn’t all good. It was light on the tongue, I tasted some pears and apples, which I seem to keep finding in Belgian brews. But overall I was expecting a big dark thick chewy brown ale. One that 8% would be worthy of.

Ill be honest I was not happy that I spent the 8 or 9 bucks on the bottle that I did. I could have gotten something much better most likely. I wanted something big a juicy to stick to my ribs. I think once again I should try to leave expectations behind and enjoy the beer I have in front of me because regardless there is something I am going to find in any beer that I enjoy, takes pears and apples for example.


Final Grade: B-


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