Brew Review: Big Easy

11 Oct

Brew: Big Easy

Brewed by: Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee, WI)

Style: Imperial Maibock (7.1% ABV)


As I was Google mapping cities around my current location for the word “brew” (this tends to lead to new discoveries on my part of breweries and brewpubs I didn’t know existed) I was looking around Milwaukee and found Lakefront. The next day I was in the store and of course found like 3 Lakefront brews so I went for them. This is one, the others will probably follow. Not to mention I was also very excited about an ‘imperial Maibock’ as I didn’t even know a style like this existed.

The Big Easy poured out a very clear, straw golden color. A very lager-like beer in its appearance. There was also not much head to my pour as well. Needless to say there isn’t much to say about the way this beer looks. You could probably switch it with a Bud and not tell the difference.

The smell however definitely separates it from the ice cold, triple hops brewed poo that I just compared it to. There was a sweet lager smell in this brew. Some grassy hops combined with the traditional bready lager smells to make for a crisp refreshing, yet heavy smelling beer.

The taste was surprising, there were more of the light uplifting hops than I would have imagined. The bitter mixes with the sweetness from the grains and malts and creates a unique taste. There were some lager beer flavors but there was also more than that, I couldn’t put my finger on what else I was experiencing. I guess I will have to pick up another couple of bottles to really get the hang of it. Carrots?

Overall this beer was unique, I thought it had a lot going for it because of the additional hops Lakefront decided to put in it. At the same time of it being a maibock it was very easy to drink and went down without a hitch. A very easy beer, that might be the reason behind the name. I still don’t get the Imperial part of the style though.


Final Grade: A-


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