Brew Review: Spaten Oktoberfest

11 Oct

Beer: Oktoberfest

Brewed by: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu (Munich, Germany)

Style: Marzen style Lager (5.9% ABV)

Oh boy, the leaves are starting to turn, I have to fight school buses in the morning on the way to work, fall is in the air which means that Oktoberfest is right around the corner. I decided to celebrate the season with a classic Marzen lager-bier right from the heart of the festival itself, Munich. Granted I would have enjoyed the real thing more I presume but I am still stuck riding the pine on that adventure.

This classic poured out very clear, a golden amber color that was lighter than I would have imagined. There were some hints of brown in there but not as much as I was expecting. There was a small cap of egg-shell white foam that sat there looking appetizing for the whole 12 ounces.

The smell was not the best part of the beer, I will put that out there right away. It had the classic bready lager smell that you get from most German’s but it also had the skunky sat-in-the-sun-too-long smell as well. They might consider moving this beer from a green bottle to a brown one to prevent it from skunking quickly.

The taste was not skunky however, to my relief. There were sweet marzen lager tastes with some light hops bringing this beer into a crisp refreshing category. The lager part of the beer made it refreshing and the hops just added a bit of life to the beer to bring it up even more. The hops were light, earthy and grassy. The good marzen sweet malty tastes linger and leave you wanting some pretzels and more beer.

This was a solid overall beer for the style, not as big and fancy as the American brewers like to have their beers but it really ran true to the German style which was exactly what it was supposed to do.

Final Grade: B+


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