Brew Review: Oscura

11 Oct

Brew: Oscura

Brewed by: Furthermore Brewing (Spring Green, WI)

Style: Steam brewed lager (5.3% ABV)


I could not figure out for the life of my what type of beer this was as I as drinking it, only fueled by later research did I find that this was a ‘steam’ beer, so a lager fermented at higher temperatures than normal for a lager beer. That would have put the whole experience in a different light if I had known what I was getting into. I did like however trying to figure out what was going on in my mouth in my head at the same time, although that got too hard eventually and I just settled on enjoying the brew and worrying about what kind it was later on.

This beer poured out a murky brown reddish color. Sort of muddy, not super appealing and with not knowing the exact style I didn’t really know what to expect after that. There was a small white head as well, that was sort of unexpected because I knew there were coffee beans in there and I would have figured they would have made the head a little darker.

The smell was full of coffee, but not really rich thick coffee, but sort of hollow and leaving you feeling like there was less there than there should have been. There were also some lager smells, some bread and yeasts mixed in there. The coffee and lager led to a overall sweet smell to the beer.

The taste was like drinking an iced coffee (well what I would imagine an iced coffee would taste like as I don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of having one). The flavor is mostly coffee with some sweet malts and a little chocolate from the roasted grains. The steam beer technique leads to a smoother feel to the beer which is nice.

Overall the beer would be really good if you like coffee. Me, I am not a huge fan so this one really didn’t get me going. A good description of what goes into the brew is listed on the website, I think that sort of puts in perspective what you are drinking if you have one of these. A very good idea for the beer, one that will be enjoyed by coffee drinkers


Final Grade: B



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