Brew Review: Steelhead Scotch Style Porter

11 Oct

Brew: Steelhead Scotch Style Porter

Brewed by: Mad River Brewing (Blue Lake, CA)

Style: Porter (6.0% ABV)


The summer is drawing to a close, the air is getting chilly, so on a recent trip to the store I knew I had to pick up a few bigger beers to warm my soul as the cold set in. I figured I would start off with a nice porter, this one happened to say “scotch style” so that intrigued me even more as I haven’t seen that label on a porter yet. Out of the great state of California, I didn’t know if they would know how to make a big beer for the north country but I was still willing to give it a shot.

It poured out just how I wanted it to, a thick deep dark brown, not quite black, with some reddish streaks in there that gave it just the faint idea that this wasn’t a stout of some sort. The light tan head that rose an inch or so was also very welcome as I knew I was in for a autumn treat.

The beer smelled just like I wanted it to as well. Sweet malts, roasted grains combined to give me some coffee smells with a hint of chocolate. I also picked out some raisins or some other dark fruits in there as well. A solid overall smell to a porter.

The taste followed this trend of this porter being exactly what the doctor ordered on this cooler fall day. It was malty, there was coffee, roasted flavors. It was also very creamy which was very nice. The flavors were all very subtle or muted but they blended very nicely. There was also a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste that had just a pick me up to keep the beer on your mind after you finished it.

Overall, the beer wasn’t amazing. It was a perfect beer to start off the fall drinking season, out with the summer beers in with the darker richer thick beers. It had everything it needed to and nothing it didn’t. I especially liked the creamy feel of the beer as it hit my lips.


Final Grade: B




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