Brew Review: Claymore Scotch Ale

12 Oct

Brew: Claymore Scotch Ale

Brewed by: Great Divide Brewing Company (Denver, CO)

Style: Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy (7.7% ABV)


Another entry in my pursuit of a great scotch ale. I don’t know why but I have a yearning to find, try and drink the best scotch ales out there. I don’t know if I have found it yet, but every time I see one I know I have to try it. On to Great Divide, I have had a couple of their wares, Hoss, Hibernation, and a couple others. I have been impressed but not blown out of the water by any of them. I was expecting sort of the same with Claymore, but I was hoping for something great.

This brew poured out a thick rich brown with some red and purple mixed in there as well. You can tell by the look of this one that its going to fill you up right. There was some off white sort of tan colored foam that rose up but not to a significant degree. Overall this was much darker than I was expecting.

The aroma of the beer was fairly basic, for the most part it was dominated by roasted grains. The roasted aromas sort of took over anything else that was trying to shine through. There was a hint of peated smoked malt. Very subtle, hiding in the background.

The taste followed suit, there was tons of roasted grains that stole the show. All the roasted flavors brought forth coffee and some chocolate, sort of like a porter. The peated malt did show up again as a minor player that complemented the roasted grains but didn’t once again come out of the corner it was relegated to. There was a very small hint of some hops in there but that is sort of expected in this style of beer.

For the most part this was a very easy drinking beer for being 7.7% and having tons of roasted grains and specialty malts present. It had a very creamy and smooth feel to it as well which led to the overall easy drinking. This was much darker and had many more roasted aspects than I was expecting and not enough ‘scotch’ for what I was hoping for. Needless to say it was still a great beer, definitely worth trying as the weather gets colder.


Final Grade: B+



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