Brew Review: Single-Wide IPA

12 Oct

Brew: Single-Wide IPA

Brewed by: Boulevard Brewing Co. (Kansas City, MO)

Style: American IPA (5.7% ABV)


I have tried the Double-Wide from Boulevard but for some reason have passed on the Single-Wide this whole time. Maybe I figured that the Double, being part of some special series (the smoke stack series I think) would be better and I shouldn’t waste my time with the Single even though the Double probably got its roots from the Single to begin with. How shortsighted of me.

The look to this beer is great, it poured out a light amber, rich golden color with some orange and yellow swirling around in there to make a sunset-type look to the beer. That was only half the greatness of the look, the head that this thing came out with was amazing. Tons and tons of white head piled up like pillows or clouds in my glass. It was a very good looking beer, one that belongs in a commercial or something.

The aroma was also pretty darn good. There were tons of floral, fruity hops that rushed at me. I know big beer snobs always talk about grapefruits being something you can smell in beers, and while I do pick it up sometimes I don’t really mention it because lets be honest I think most of those guys/gals are reaching for something with that judgment, however in this beer I could definitely pick up the grapefruits and that was pretty cool. The zest that was brought out with the hops was well balanced by the sweet malts that held up the beer and proportionally kept it in line.

The taste was great, I will say that. All those hops with their fruity, tangy, floral aromas translated into flavors that burst on the scene in a smooth creamy delivery from a beer with a decent amount of carbonation. The hops presented a decent amount of bitterness but nothing that was out of line or didn’t blend in nicely with the other flavors. The hops brought forward light fruits like apples and pears that I sometimes taste in some Belgian beers. That was a very nice treat from this brew.

The brew was much lighter than I expected, the carbonation kept the beer lively and springy and the hops Boulevard used created such a bouquet of floral and fruity tastes and aromas it was hard not to think this beer as a heavy drinker. It was a very refreshing IPA, one that was well balanced and not an absolute hop-bomb that seems to be the trend for anything IPA or beyond. I am really glad I regressed and went back to the Single after trying the Double.


Final Grade: A

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