Brew Review: Certified Evil

19 Oct

Brew: Certified Evil

Brewed by: Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. (La Vista, NE)

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale (9.6% ABV)


I hadn’t run into any Lucky Bucket beers prior to finding this in the singles fridge at the local store. Not really knowing what to expect and with the label not telling me what type of beer this was I didn’t know what I was getting into. It did say that it was aged in oak aged wine casks so that was a hint that it was going to be a strong beer but even then I didn’t know what else was to come.

The beer poured out a thick black color, a little red and brown swirled around in there and there was a nice looking light brown, tan head that settled nicely to a cap of foam on this silky dark brew.

The smell was really different and not what I was expecting at all. It smelled like Christmas time. I guess that would mean nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate, dark fruits, raisin, oranges. This beer has it all. There are the roasted grains that show up as well giving this a robust flavor full of roasted scents, some light airy hops and all of the above mentioned stuff mixed into one. A very complex and interesting aroma.

The taste was also different, there was coffee, roasted grains, fruits, hop spice and some bitterness. Not knowing the style made it hard to pin down what I should be looking for and what was different and unique about this beer. Either way, it was still a great tasting beer. There was also a hint of bitterness on the end that reminded me a stout.

Going back and seeing that his was a Belgian Dark ale puts it a little into perspective. I got all the fruits and floral tastes and aromas that I should have detected but that spicy cinnamon and Christmas-like stuff that I smelled and tasted really sort of put this in a class by itself. Overall, a hard beer to pin down to what it was supposed to be. I really enjoyed the beer it had a ton going on and it was all very well put together and really made for a great drinkable beer. Not super heavy, even though it was above 9% ABV. I kind of wanted a little more hops in there, a little more of the hop spice would have made this a great beer. Still well worth a pick up for anyone interested, it wasn’t very expensive and I highly recommend it.


Final Grade: A-


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