Brew Review: Crooked Tree IPA

1 Nov

Brew: Crooked Tree IPA

Brewed by: Dark Horse Brewing Company (Marshall, MI)

Style: IPA (6.0% ABV)


The Crooked Tree IPA, once again I have had the ‘Double’ version of this beer before I had the single. I was given the double so that’s probably the reason why I drank it first, not even thinking that I hadn’t tried the original single version previously. If you remember I was not totally impressed by the Double, it was too bitter and the hops didn’t really shine through on the aromatics the way I was looking for. I wanted more floral and fruit notes to show up but never got them. I am hoping that the tones down version of that beer an highlight some of the better notes of the hops.

The beer pours out a orange/yellow color. It was somewhat murky and hazy with some brown thrown in there to darken the beer a little bit. There was a decently thick white head that appeared that died down to eventually rest on the top of the beer like a hat.

The aroma was more of what I was looking for in the Crooked Tree line of beers from Dark Horse. There were good hops qualities that shined through. There were some floral and light bouncy hops that showcased some grapefruits as well as some citrus oranges and lemons. There was a hint of bitterness that was then erased by the sweet malts that were alive and well in this beer as to balance out the fair amount of hops present.

The bitter hops show up right away on the first sip, but the more pleasant side of the hops also come through as well, there are some light floral notes that aren’t totally dominated by the bitterness. The malts and need to be in this brew are also there balancing out with their sweetness. There are then light grassy/earthy hops tones on the end or finish of the beer.

In the end this beer didn’t really impress me much either. It was another hoppy west coast IPA that most breweries are doing at this point. There were some good aromas that came from the hops but the bitterness seemed to dominate the scene. There was really nothing unusual or extraordinary about this beer. It was solid American IPA, which it seems like everyone is craving these days. It did exactly what it was supposed to do.


Final Grade: B


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