Brew Review: Rush River UberAlt

1 Nov

Brew: Uber Alt

Brewed By: Rush River Brewing Co. (River Falls, WI)

Style: Altbier (8.5% ABV)


Rush River, the close neighbor to the great state of MN. This beer intrigued me because it was starting to get colder and this altbier was just what my soul was needing to warm it up as the fall and winter set in upon us here in the upper-midwest. A hearty beer weighing in at 8.5% it had what it takes to warm a person up in the cold times and for that reason alone I picked this beer off of the shelf. I have been impressed with Rush River in the past (the unforgiven) but also somewhat disappointed (double bubble), I was hoping this beer, being that it was a German style, would come out on the better side of things. Especially considering how many Germans there are in the not-so-awesome state of WI and the much better near-by state of MN.

Cracking this German delight open it poured out a murky amber, reddish brown color. There was a night small light tan head that also appeared but faded quickly. The malts of this beer dominate the smell, its hard to get anything else. Caramel and sweet toffee, smells like a candy shop minus the popcorn and chocolate.

This beer was a thick one. A bready meal in a glass, it definitely warmed me up. The sweet malts still dominated the scene but in a very nice way that is traditional for the style. This is a beer that football fans can take out the tailgate parties and not get cold with, its that thick. Not syrup-like but it was a bready malty affair that made you feel like a proud German while drinking it. The booze is well masked and only a hint shows up on the end pairing with a tint of bitterness.

This is a great heavy, malty beer. It stays true to the style and presents a very drinkable thick tasty treat. A great warmer as the seasons begin to change to the frigid side of things. A solid effort all around from Rush River.


Final Grade: B




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