Beer Event: Stein Hoisting

12 Nov

Beer event: Sam Adams Stein Hoisting Competition 9/26/2011


A friend of mine found this event online somewhere, saw that it had free beer so we decided we couldn’t pass something like that up. Never having been to a stein hoisting competition, I did a little research. Found out that its basically an event where you hold a ‘stein’ of beer our in front of you with one hand for as long as you can. Rules being that you can’t spill anything, have to have a straight arm and the beer has to be full. Pretty simple. I saw on the Sam Adams website that this was a comp that was just a prelim round and that the winner had a chance to go on to Munich for next years Oktoberfest. Needless to say I was pretty excited about that. I also saw that the leader as of the day we went had hoisted his stein for a whopping 9 minutes and some change. I figured it couldn’t be that hard so I gave myself a 5 minute expectation to go for, I was off by a lot.

On to the comp, had all 4 housemates there, they gave us each a liter stein filled with water, nobody wanted to spill any precious beer after all and we were set to go. Ready, set, GO. And we were off. It didn’t take long for little Nick to drop his arm at like 2:15 and not long after at 2:30 I had to drop out as well. Zach and Andrew held on for a little longer with Andrew pulling it out in the end. I think he ended up getting a time of around 3:15. A lot harder than expected.

In the end we got a free round of Sam Adams Oktoberfest beers, which wasn’t too bad and went down smooth after all that exercise. We also each got a 0.5 liter mug that had the Oktoberfest logo on it as well. So walking away with a bad score in front of people I will never see again with a free mug and free beer was pretty alright in my book. We also found a new drinking game to play and it was a great live sporting event even though each ‘heat’ only lasted a max of about 4 minutes.

Free beer and glassware= good times.


Final Grade:B+


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