Brew Review: Mocha Porter

13 Dec

Brew: Mocha Porter

Brewed by: Rogue Ales (Newport, OR)

Style: American Porter (5.3% ABV)


Rogue again, I know I keep putting up that they continually underwhelm me but I guess I keep searching for a beer of theirs that I actually enjoy a lot. Well here goes…

This brew poured out a a big rich thick black color. There was red and brown in the body that kept it from being pitch black and separated itself from the color of most stouts, keeping it in the porter range. A big huge frothy tan head also came up. The look of this beer was great, you couldn’t ask for a better looking porter there in the glass. Point number 1 for Rogue.

The aroma of the beer was also pretty prototypical/what you want from a porter. There were lots of roasted malts, there was some bitterness which wasn’t like bitterness from any hops but like bitter chocolate, which was also present. The chocolate and the bitterness from the cocoa was nice bonus. Point number 2. The chocolate gets more and more pronounced as the beer warms and also brings out the coffee aromas that you would expect as well. An all-around solid smell for a porter.

As I sipped the beer was smooth and creamy. The chocolate and the pure chocolate bitterness shows up once again. The chocolate and the coffee flood the senses. The mocha part of the beer is now obvious. This is a velvety smooth beer on the tongue. The malty sweetness and chocolate tones make way for a coffee presence that lingers long after the beer has been finished.

The beer was a success. I enjoyed pretty much the whole thing. It was everything you could want in a porter, a large foamy head, roasted flavors, chocolate and coffee. With that being said it didn’t knock me off my feet. It was just a really really solid version of a porter. I would definitely have it again, not going to say no to that one. But it wouldn’t be something I would seek out at any point in time. Maybe if I was in the need for a really good porter, but that’s a big maybe as I would probably go find a more local brew that was essentially the same thing like Old 8. Rogue has done a good job on this beer.


Final Grade: B+


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