Brew Review: 100 Yard Dash

14 Dec

Brew: 100 Hundred Yard Dash

Brewed by: Brau Brothers Brewing Co. (Lucan, MN)

Style: Fresh Hop Ale (6.8% ABV)


The freshest wet hop ale probably available in MN. This beer is brewed with hops fresh off the Lucan Brewery’s estate vines. They run it the 100 yards from the field into the kettle so it literally takes them minutes from when the hops are picked to when they are imparting their bitter, flavorful and aromatic oils into this brew. I had this last year and was convinced that I needed to get it again this year.

The brew pours out a reddish clear amber color. A bit redder than I was expecting, a little brown in there made it a bit darker than I would have expected from a beer trying to showcase the hops present. There was a small pillow of white head on the beer. Overall it kind of looked like a Surly Furious, don’t know if there will be more comparisons to that later.

The smell was great. There were plenty of hoppy and citrusy aromas coming at me right away. There was also a solid malt backbone that was present that balanced out the fresh hops that were obviously present. Still a great fresh scent came off this beer.

The taste was where this brew fell a little bit for me. There was a bitter bite to it right off the bat but the malts came up and were a bit more dominating than I would have liked. This was a beer that was supposed to be all about the fresh hops but the malts ended up being more of a dominant flavor in the end. The bitter was present but not in a great degree and the finishing hops that they used might have not been used correctly because there wasn’t a ton of floral/fruity taste from the hops in there. The malt backbone was great at balancing the beer but I was expecting and wanting a beer that fell over to the side of the hops in a more pronounced way.

Still I am not complaining, this beer you could tell had some of the freshest hops around. It might have been that this area, MN, isn’t exactly the best hop growing region in the US and therefore they weren’t able to cultivate the more powerful hops needed to really dominate the beer. The fresh hops were obviously present but I wanted more.


Final Grade: B-


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