Brew Review: Exponential IPA (release #7)

14 Dec

Brew: Exponential Series Imperial IPA (release #7)

Brewed by: Epic Brewing Co. (Salt Lake City, UT)

Style: Imperial IPA (9.5% ABV)


The Epic Brewing company out of Utah has given me some very sub-par brews in the past. However, I had only had beers from a different series. The Classic series is the bottom rung of beers that Epic produces, they have the middle tier which is the Elevated series and then they have the top dog, the Exponential Series. Well needless to say, the Classic isn’t much to talk about, Bonnie Raitt would be fairly silent after one of those. I am hoping that Exponential Series can deliver in a way that I would hope for. On a side note, this beer did bring home the Gold in this years Great American Beer festival, so it already has some people who enjoy it.

On to the beer, it poured out a hazy orange-yellow color, sort of like marmalade. There is some lighter yellow in there but it is mostly an orange color sort of like an apricot. There is a big thick head that rises from the brew, the tight bubbles form a solid very very light tan head in my glass.

The aroma of the beer is almost all hops. There are citrus, grassy and earthy tones from the hops that explode into my nose. There is also some boozy fruit juice like smells as well. There is a little residual sweetness from the malts but this is a hoppy beast up front.

The taste is very bitter from the get go. But very quickly the malts creep up and balance out the bitterness from the hops. Floral hops are present, the hop is a flower after all, but they are well balanced. This is an ‘epic’ IPA that holds its hop oils in high regard but also in check which makes for a well balanced beer that doesn’t become overly bitter or oily. The beer also has a great creamy feel to it which I notice because it isn’t especially carbonated, leaving room for it to mellow out and not become crisp or light on the tongue. There is really no sticky after taste as well.

This beer is an excellent example of balance and it shows in all aspects. The booze never really played a part. The hops were obviously crammed into this beer but the malts were also carefully crafted around them to complement and contain their bitter powers. The beer never gets sticky or overpowering in any way and the whole 22 ounces was pretty easy to drink considering the specs on this one.

Final Grade: A-


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