Brew Review: Fixed Gear

14 Dec

Brew: Fixed Gear

Brewed by: Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee,WI)

Style: Red /Amber Ale (6.5% ABV)


Another brewery from the half-assed state next door to the east. Although they do have MN’s number when it comes to brewing and drinking, probably X times more breweries and beer lovers than here in MN. Either way I am glad they are making quality beers and sending them over here to us respectable people. The fixed gear, this might have sat in my basement a little too long, I might have to go back and find this again and try it fresh as it sounds like that is the way to go about it.

The beer poured out a deep dark rich thick red. It was a bit hazy and opaque but I think that comes sort of standard from a red or amber ale with all those malts that have been mashed in there. Lots of residual stuff hangs around. There was a billowy off-white head that showed up as well. The bubbles were very tight and it rose up about an inch, a really solid looking beer with an impressive head.

The aroma was dominated by sweet malts, reminded me of any amber beer I have tried in the past. There is a faint hop bitterness, some grassy/earthy hops play out alongside some citrus. I think that since this one sat for a bit too long this hop profile was diminished slightly. The thick sweetness dominated through the aroma.

The taste was very similar. The tangy sweetness of the malts was apparent right away. Caramel and the sticky sweet candy like malts never died down. There was a bit of a home-brew type twang to it which might have been the age or the brewery itself. I can’t tell since I only got 1 bottle.

This was a decent red ale. Not superior or impressive in any way. It didn’t do a whole lot of standing out. I think the hops were supposed to play a bigger role and either this certain bottle didn’t have them or I sat on it for too long. Although I think it was at most a month of age that it took while in my basement, maybe I got an older bottle from the liquor store.


Final Grade: C+


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