Brew Review: Full Frontal Ale

23 Dec

Brew: Full Frontal

Brewed by: Piece Brewery & Pizzeria (Chicago, IL)

Style: America Pale Ale (5.5% ABV)


I was fortunate enough to have a stop closer to the downtown area of Chicago the last time I was there and got to sample some of the local wares there. Piece Brewery and Pizzeria is a great place that has award winning beer and some really good pizza, I mean its Chicago they better have good pizza. Got there a little before the others in our group showed up so I got to write down some quick notes about one of their beers.

The Full Frontal pale ale poured out a light amber color, a little orange in there and some lighter reds. It was also a bit hazy, not as clear as I was expecting for a pale ale. There was also not much to speak of by way of foam, there was a thin cap that was spotty through the whole brew.

The aroma of the beer was definitely American in its classification of a pale ale. There were plenty of hops to start out with, spicy and pine were the dominant pieces. Then as I got further into it, the malts showed up and provided a nice balance to the hops that played a more important role at the beginning of the beer.

The taste of the beer was somewhat similar to the smell. Right off the bat there were deep, rich hop bitterness and residual hop flavors. The hops were of pine, citrus and earthy/grassy characters. Not as much floral or fruit flavors as I was hoping for but then again this isn’t an IPA so the balance between the malts and hops has to be there. The bitterness was a good level so nothing off-putting about it.

This beer reminded me a lot of another Chicago brew, Daisy Cutter by Half Acre brewing. The same tendencies to be more hoppy and IPA-like, although the Daisy Cutter in my opinion is a bit better.


Final Grade: B+


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