Brew Review: Bottom Up Wit

27 Dec

Brew: Bottom Up Wit

Brewed by: Revolution Brewing Co. (Chicago, IL)

Style: Belgian Wit Beer (4.5% ABV)


Another entry from the Revolution trip in Chicago. Now this beer was not one I actually ordered but tried a sip or two from a fellow diner and therefore decided to take some quick notes on it.

The beer came out looking like someone had peed into a half-full glass of lemonade. It didn’t look good in any way. Hazy yellow, both dark and lighter yellows thrown together with a sort of old bathwater feel to it. Not appetizing. Hopefully the taste picks it up.

The beer is all citrus in the nose. Orange and lemon dominate. The yeast is also present, the Belgian influence in detectable, but the orange dominates.

The taste is also very fruity. The yeast, wheat aspects, orange peels and the spices all lead to a zesty orange and lemon mash-up. The beer was overall very light drinking. At a low ABV, this is one that you can have 2 or 3 of on a hot summer night. It can cool you off and refresh you at the same time. A very sessionable beer. The fruit aspects of the beer were not overpowering or off-putting in any way not like Magic Hat #9 that holds the fruity aspects in a whole different way, not so good way.

Still not my favorite, the look of the beer is troubling and I would rather have a traditional hefe beer instead to refresh.


Final Grade: B-



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