Brew Review: Diggity Dunkel

27 Dec

Brew: Diggity Dunkel

Brewed by: Revolution Brewing Co. (Chicago, IL)

Style: Dunkelweizen (6.1% ABV)


Another stop on my trip in Chicago. This one was at Revolution brewing, who I must admit had some of the best food I had on the trip. The burger I had was amazing. I would go back there just for that if I got the chance. The beers were pretty solid too, I got to try a couple of them so the next few posts will be from them.

The Diggity Dunkel came to me a pale brown color that also looked a little lighter orange/yellow as well. The nice part about this one was the big frothy head that came with it. The big white head sat atop a beer that was fairly hazy, traditional to the style.

The brew smelled very much as I was expecting. The wheat shone through complimented by the funky yeasts that brought up the typical ‘bananas and cloves’ that everybody gets from a beer of this style.

The taste was also very expected. There were sweet wheat characteristics that were matched by the funky yeasts. The tang and spice of the yeasts were subtle and not overpowering which made way for lots of banana in the taste. Overall a very refreshing beer. One that is matches up with the style as it should.

This is a solid refreshing beer that would be great on a hot day. A summer beer that didnt push anything to far and wasn’t anything people weren’t expecting.


Final Grade: B


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