Brew Review: Skara Brae

27 Dec

Brew: Skara Brae

Brewed by: Revolution Brewing Co. (Chicago, IL)

Style: Scotch Ale aged in Heaven Hill Rye barrels (9.0% ABV)


This was the brew I was most excited for. A scotch ale but then barrel aged. I keep looking for that perfect scotch ale and this seemed like that one that could make a good run at one of the best. It was a great concept, I was hoping it could deliver in the product. At 9% and after already having 2 other beers I was glad I was taking the bus after this one.

The beer came out to me in a little 10oz snifter glass. It looked like a little blob of pitch. This was a black beer, not really any other colors perceivable. There was no head, the carbonation was low, which was fine, no need for that on there. There was a small ring of what looked somewhat like chai on the top of the glass but that was about all the foam I ever saw from the beer.

The aroma was a mix of sweet malts/chocolate and then the booze from the barrel aging. The rye barrels shown through with vigor with most of the other aromas taking a back seat at this point in the beer.

The taste has the classic scotch ale tastes blending with the rye whiskey. I thought this was great, although I would have preferred to have the scotch malts come out on top in that fight. The whiskey I think could have taken a back seat into a more complimentary role. As it stood it was a main player that let everyone know it was around with how distinct it was.

Great balance to this beer, I would have just suggested one thing and that was the leave that balance a little out of whack in favor of the scotch ale flavors instead of the whiskey.


Final Grade: B+


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