Brew Review: 90 Minute IPA

28 Dec

Brew: 90 Minute IPA

Brewed by: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales (Milton, DE)

Style: American Double/Imperial IPA (9.0% ABV)


Another Dogfish Head brew. I tend to think these are somewhat hit or miss for the most part. Some are excellent beers and most are thought out well and executed to perfection, but the extremity of the style or goal of the beers is sometimes too much to handle. I as hoping that the 90 minute would be a toned down version of the 120 minute and something that would be much more drinkable throughout the beer. Starting at 9% doesn’t give me much hope but I will give it shot regardless.

The beer poured out a bright clear orange, somewhat light amber color. A good looking color, almost like marmalade. There was also a half inch white head that disappeared quickly but left good lacing through the whole glass.

The aroma was very hoppy, the bitterness of the hops was present right from the start and never really stopped. However there was also a solid showing of malts as well in an attempt to balance out the 90 minutes of continuous hop additions during the boil of this beast. They tried at least.

The taste of the beer was off-putting to say the least. Right away on the first sip it was bitter, very bitter. I know this was what they were going for but this might have been a bit much. I really only got the feeling that they somehow figured out how to make hops into syrup and then just dumped that into this bottle. However with that syrup they didn’t get any of the floral or fruity goodness that comes along with hops. After the initial shock of being blasted into Aunt Jemima’s Hop Syrup I did pick up some sweetness from what I can only assume are the malts. At this point my taste buds are pretty much shot and trying to pick out one flavor from another is like choosing between apples and apples. The hops needed balance badly, like Captian Hook needing’ a mother very, very badly.’ The alcohol burn at the end was also unpleasant and unnecessary.

Overall, I think they tried a bit harder on the 120 minute and should have tried to create a recipe that would showcase what they were trying to do with the 90 minute instead of just throwing it at you and then having your taste buds rendered useless after a bottle so you couldn’t tell if it was a bad beer or not.


Final Grade: B-


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